Vector Message offers VMS, a new kind of social, collaborative and business interaction for your mobile device. It is built on Vector Message Service technology. Already using Text and MMS, now you can bring your experience one step forward – in real time. Graphical images you create using your hands will appear instantly on the on the screens of those you choose to share the live session with. “One picture is worth of thousand words”. Instead of talking on the phone, now you have a lightning speed opportunity to share your creative ideas. Jump start brainstorming by letting participants in your session to pick up your ideas and draw on top of them. Whether they choose to build up on what you draw or throw in their own imagination, the collective creativity is brought to another level. Nothing brings people closer than creating something out of the ordinary together. The evolution goes from SMS and MMS to the new concept: VMS. You evolve from exchanging simple texts and static images to sharing actions in real time using VMS. This brings you one virtual leap forward to a richer and fuller communication

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