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Mobile CRM Solutions

Mobile CRM is basically the same old CRM apart from that you can execute CRM functions and access data while on the move. To state further, mobile CRM allows superior communication between employees at the back desk and those in the field. Field operatives can examine contacts, customer information, reports, and forecasting data and thus take apt decisions. They can also agree to work assignments and keep the executives in the support office up-to-date with the most recent data. Deploying a mobile CRM is a tactical decision that you need to take if you feel that your mobile staff can make use of it to set free their revenue targets and deliver improved customer service. Being connected to remote CRM databases while on field duty means faster and smoother resolution to customer issues as well as a better chance of selling a service or a product to a prospect.

The information flow is two-way. Salespersons can access databases and at the same time the information that they captured is relayed back to the central database which gets updated and stays current. Mobile CRM is web-based and with its browser-based interface it can be run on a number of devices such as PDAs, pocket PCs, mobile phones, etc as well as different operating platforms. Sales productivity is one of the key business aspects that experience a positive bang when mobile CRM is deployed. Simply put, field personnel can carry out routine reporting activities quicker and make use of the time thus gained to center on the requirements of the high-profile customers. Mobile CRM helps break up the layers among sales reps and their managers in the HQ. Bi-directional gush of information boosts sales force productivity and empowers the field executives to take independent decisions by virtue of access to critical customer information.

Companies that have deployed mobile CRM report a decrease in paperwork and unnecessary data entries; however there are issues that are preventing mobile CRM from truly taking off. Broadband is still not ever-present although Wifi, WiMax, and VoWLAN are helping to overcome the connectivity problem. Another challenge is receiving employees to productively navigate the learning curve associated with any new technology. Security is another issue. Data encryption, strong passwords, placing the mobile CRM server on separate virtual LANs, etc are some of the things that need to be done to ensure data protection; however these should not come at the cost of efficiency or speed of implementation of an activity.


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